Proof of Concept // 2014

Time is relative - and somehow it is always short. The concept of 'Vierundzwanzig' evolved around the idea, to provide a tool for tracking your daily habits and shaping them the way you like.

The app collects and organizes individual activity-data over time. Getting more precise with every day, the features allow to compare and reflect on your habits and ultimately to achieve your goals.

Become aware

Become aware of your daily habits, ordered by activity, location, category or routine. Each view allows particular insights, giving the user the choice to pick the best suited option.


Categories offer the possibility to merge related activities into larger groups. This makes it easier to keep track of a large amount of different activities. Once a category is established, it can be part of the reflexion.


Habits are displayed by the amount of activities over a certain time period. With these data it is possible to compare different activities with each other or themselves. Goals can be set as own thresholds, making it easy to track your progress.


On first use, the user can set the frequency of reflections. After each period, the app will offer a simple list of questions regarding the last activities. By rating or skipping the questions, the user can reflect passed days and set new goals.